Selection of ‘tours-excursions’ stories

R&R in Raro

A holiday on Rarotonga can be anything you want it to be. Some people come for celebrations, joyous flings featuring weddings and boozy brunches and cocktails under the stars. Others come for adventure, to scale peaks and spear fish and surf a treacherous reef break. Still others come for respite, for the stillness of the mountains and refreshment of the tropical rain.

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Discover our Underwater Playground

Dive destination or destination with diving? That’s the choice for many of us when we are flicking through travel brochures looking for a holiday to suit us and our non-diving partners. Although not as such a dive destination, Rarotonga still has a lot to offer both the novice and more experienced diver.

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Retreat, Relax, Revitalise

It’s 11am on a Tuesday and I am supine, sun-kissed and smiling. With the exception of my fingertips lightly tapping the surface of the water, I lay motionless, focused only on the sound of the waves breaking outside the reef. The gentle current from the incoming tide is a quiet reminder that the lagoon and big ocean are connected—even though from my floating, balanced position on that lagoon right now, it is difficult to imagine.

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