Selection of ‘sightseeing’ stories

A Two Islands Discovery Tour with Air Rarotonga

Our hostess is serving refreshments as we sit comfortably cradled in leather seats on board Air Rarotonga’s Saab 340. We are heading to a remote island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean - it’s a beautiful clear day, with just a few fluffy whites floating over an indigo blue ocean. Some of us will travel further and take in two islands over a period of five days, on what Air Rarotonga describe as their Two Island Discovery Tour.

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R&R in Raro

A holiday on Rarotonga can be anything you want it to be. Some people come for celebrations, joyous flings featuring weddings and boozy brunches and cocktails under the stars. Others come for adventure, to scale peaks and spear fish and surf a treacherous reef break. Still others come for respite, for the stillness of the mountains and refreshment of the tropical rain.

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The Big Blue Lagoon

My cousin is spellbound, his eyes fixed on the turquoise lagoon spreading from beneath our little boat, his mouth open in awe.

“This is unreal,” he says, with intentional stress on the final syllable. He saw this lagoon once, when he was a child, but hazy memories left him ill prepared for its electrifying beauty.

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Punarei... lost in the tribe

We climb into the back of a jungle-worn truck and, before we can sit down, Ngaa throws it into gear. Peering from beneath the hat of dried kikau (coconut fibre) he wears on his head, his eyes search for ours in the rearview mirror. They find their target, and Ngaa launches abruptly into a powerful discourse.

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