Selection of ‘adventure’ stories

Punarei... lost in the tribe

We climb into the back of a jungle-worn truck and, before we can sit down, Ngaa throws it into gear. Peering from beneath the hat of dried kikau (coconut fibre) he wears on his head, his eyes search for ours in the rearview mirror. They find their target, and Ngaa launches abruptly into a powerful discourse.

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Return to Mangaia

Large hands, scarred, move gently over intricate patterns carved into mahogany, the handle of a Mangaia adze.

Papa Tuaiva Moutairi speaks in lilting dialect of a home island, explaining to visiting Mangaia expatriate Tanara Maarametua Buchanan meanings of a traditional motif he’s etched into wood – the maro itiki portrays the back to back fighting stance their forebears take when outnumbered during battle. And fights there were, a plenty, during pre-missionary times, with other islands, particularly Atiu, sending marauding parties to Mangaia.

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