Southern group islands

It is always a pleasure to visit one of the southern group islands. People there are more than friendly; they have a way of touching your very soul, such that you will never forget your acquaintance with them.

Here, life is uncomplicated, inoffensive, colourful and utterly charming. These islands are tranquil and picturesque, to be sure, but their comparative advantage is an overwhelming sense of peace.

Although geologically similar, each of the four islands has something unique to offer. Atiu is the most visited and is often referred to as ‘the island of birds’. These are islands that have risen over many years to expose old coral reefs, which now surround a volcanic interior. The raised coral, now overgrown, is called makatea and is extremely sharp to walk on. Take a sturdy pair of sneakers to wear as you explore caves, grottos and rugged coastlines peppered with secluded sandy coves.

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