Northern group islands

Many kilometres north of Rarotonga, and an adventurous flight by air, you’ll enter a different time warp, where the soul and the mind will find harmony with nature and people. It is hard to imagine a more perfect sanctuary from the trappings of real life. The perfect escape, if you will.

These islands are where you find the real gold of Polynesia; in idyllic retreats that are far from the modern world, where the warmth of our people really shines through and where unique adventures await on remote coral atolls.

Air Rarotonga offers scheduled flights to Manihiki, but flights to Pukapuka and Penrhyn are by arrangement only. Rakahanga has no airstrip and visits by boat must be negotiated whilst in Manihiki. If you ever get the opportunity to visit any one of these islands, you will certainly be richer for the experience!

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