The most visited islands in the Cook Islands

It’s clear to see why Rarotonga and Aitutaki fall into this category, as they are without doubt the most stunningly beautiful of all our 15 island gems. They are also amazingly diverse geologically, as Rarotonga is volcanic, whilst Aitutaki is mostly coral atoll… the ying and yang of tropical islands perhaps.

From a population and hospitality point of view they are also vastly different. Rarotonga is the largest and most populated of the Cook Islands with approximately 12,000 inhabitants; it is also the business centre and home to our international airport. It’s many beaches and warm hospitality attracts the majority of our visitors. It truly is a smörgåsbord of South Pacific fun.

Aitutaki on the other hand is much more laid back, also stunningly beautiful, but in a way that also reflects the lifestyle there – languid, attractive and friendly, where life exists at a much more relaxed pace. Aitutaki’s amazing lagoon and secluded island beaches are a westerner’s dream of paradise fulfilled.

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