Rent a Bike

Whether you want to get fit, save money on touring around, or simply have a great time with your partner or friends, a bicycle is the perfect tool for the job. And you get to see so much more on a leisurely mode of transport.

But if you’re looking for a little more, check out the ‘Storytellers’ option for a complete guided cultural tour by bike. We thoroughly recommend it… “I pedalled, I laughed, I learned and I listened. It was in fact, much more than a bike ride. It was a workout, a history lesson, a cultural experience, and an adventure…” Read our story ‘On yer Bike’ for more.

Here are our recommended bike hire options:

Ride Rarotonga

P: (682)27433

Polynesian Bike Hire

P: (682)29227

Storytellers Eco Cycle Tours

P: (682)23450 or (682)53450 E:

Photo at top of this page courtesy of Storytellers

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Ride Rarotonga has a big selection of bikes to choose from
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