Cook’s Island Bus

Cook’s Island Bus is a fun and inexpensive way to get around Rarotonga and see the sights at the same time. You have an option to go either clockwise or anti-clockwise and buses will stop on request.

Ask your accommodation provider for a copy of Cook’s Island Bus ‘Bus Schedule’. With a bus every hour in each direction, this is a great way to visit town for shopping, the Punanga Nui market on Saturday mornings, or stop off at your favourite beach for a swim.

“Fun and friendly bus drivers”

“We got an all-day family pass so we could have a good look around the island and were able to get on and off whenever we liked, all for $26 for the day. The bus driver was great, good sense of humour and he had lots of stories to tell, it made the trip more interesting. Grab a time table though so you get a better idea of when they’ll pick you up. There are two buses, one goes anti-clockwise and the other clockwise. The driver will stop anywhere along the road if you wave them down.”

“Cook Islands Buses”

“Great service with an ultra friendly driver. What a hoot the trip was with friendly locals joining in with the fun. We did the anti-clockwise trip and what a trip it was. Thanks guys.”

Cook’s Island Bus is 100% family owned and operated with more than 25 years experience. They also offer private charters, bulk transfers and party buses.

Bus schedule

All aboard for the fun trip on the local bus
Locals and visitors alike enjoy this ride