Local Air Travel

Air Rarotonga is the only domestic airline in the Cook Islands. They operate regular scheduled services to the southern group islands, including Aitutaki. Services to Manihiki and other northern group islands are infrequent, so we recommend checking with Air Rarotonga well before you plan to travel north.

Specialised flights include an all-inclusive day tour excursion to Aitutaki. The tour includes a round trip by air from Rarotonga, an Aitutaki island tour, a lagoon cruise, swimming, snorkelling and exploring the lagoon, a visit to One Foot Island, plus lunch and all transfers. This is a great way to experience the magic of Aitutaki if you really don’t have time to stay there.

Those wishing to visit both Aitutaki and Atiu should check out the Two Island Discovery package. You’ll fly from Rarotonga to Aitutaki and then on to extraordinary Atiu and finally return to Rarotonga. Two night’s accommodation on each island is included in the price. We thoroughly recommend this amazing tour, as all three islands, Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu offer different attractions, culture and hospitality and are each very diverse geologically. See our story.

Charter flights can be arranged, with Air Rarotonga that include in-flight catering and experienced tour guides if required.

Scenic Flights over Rarotonga are available most days, offering you a great way to take in the beauty of this special island.

Air Rarotonga is also the Cook Islands agent for Air Tahiti.

Passengers ready to depart from Mauke
A lagoon cruise is included in a day trip to Aitutaki