Dining & Night Life

Deliciously ripe pawpaw, mouth-watering mangoes, coconuts, starfruit and tangy limes; breadfruit and passionfruit; wonderful watermelon and golden guavas; bent bananas and prickly pineapples.

Pan seared fresh fish infused with lime juice, freshly caught lobster, ika mata marinated in coconut cream, curried octopus, sizzling steak with mango salad, delicious roasted pork and chicken from the umu, sweet potato and kumara. Get the picture? Whatever your style of cuisine, you are sure to be tempted from an eclectic offering of satisfying dishes served in our restaurants and cafés, many with distinctive island ingredients or characteristic flavour.

Most restaurants are licensed and there is a great variety to choose from in Rarotonga, with a growing number in Aitutaki. From high class and renowned establishments offering superb international cuisine, to cafés serving light meals and espresso coffee. Many restaurants also specialise in Cook Islands fusion style with a combination of European and Polynesian flavours. For a light snack during the day, you may prefer a hamburger, fried local fish and chips, or similar from a takeaway diner.

Island Night buffet style dinners with accompanying dance shows are a must and great family entertainment. Some offer a traditional Polynesian feast (umukai) which is baked in an underground oven and usually consists of chicken, pork, fish and vegetables. After the feast you will be thrilled to the hypnotic rhythm of the drums and the excitement and sensuality of the dance, as young men and women dressed in traditional costume perform for you.

Once you have experienced the cultural entertainment, or dined out, you may be ready to hit the dance floor. Rarotonga has a good choice of licensed bars, with many offering a selection of entertainment and house music. Local bands are extremely popular and nightspots are open until midnight, except on Fridays when they open until 2am.

The smaller islands offer nightlife choices as well, with friendly bars and clubs, not many in number but still worth investigating. So get your rockin’ socks on and get down and mix it with the local gals and guys.

Dining & Night-Life

Oceans Restaurant at Crown Beach Resort
Rare Sesame Crusted Yellow fin Tuna over udon noodles
Takurua Island Night at Tamanu Beach, Aitutaki
Waterline Restaurant & Bar
Fun times at The Islander Hotel