Getting to the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands International Airport is located on Rarotonga, the largest of the Cook Islands.


New Zealand to the Cook Islands Before you depart New Zealand, all travellers (CI residents & visitors) must complete the Online Contact Information for travel into the Cook Islands​ form. You must complete this form within 24 hours prior to your flight’s departure. Air NZ check-in staff will verify this form is completed.

The Cook Islands to New Zealand Before you depart the Cook Islands, all travellers (CI residents & visitors) must complete the mandatory online Nau Mai Ra contact tracing form as required by NZ Health & Immigration. You must have completed this form before you check-in for your flight. Air NZ check-in staff will verify this form is completed.

Use this link to the form:

There are currently direct (non-stop) flights to Rarotonga from Auckland only.


Now operating regular scheduled flights from Auckland to Rarotonga (return). Use the link below to check schedules and book!


No flights currently.


Future flights to Rarotonga are unlikely.


From Papeete, Tahiti. No flights currently (due to Covid-19 restrictions).

Our modern international airport on the main island of Rarotonga is well equipped for global airlines. Upon arrival you’ll enjoy a warm Cook Islands welcome serenaded by Papa Jake on his ukulele as you clear customs. The trip from the airport to your accommodation is less than a 20 minute drive. See our Local Transport page for airport transfers information.

CRUISING YACHTS should first contact the Harbourmaster at either Rarotonga or Aitutaki (details in the Immigration section of this website).

Use our direct link to each airline

Virgin Australia
Air Tahiti
A warm welcome from Papa Jake on arrival