Tracks & Treks

If you ever have your fill of soft sandy beaches and lazing in the shade of coconut palms we suggest you head inland.

Okay, lagoons are great, but why not consider splitting your time in our little paradise and become twice addicted. Rarotonga especially has richly forested mountains and valleys, but other southern group islands also offer some amazing and unique experiences off the beaten track.

Atiu’s trek through lush forest to Anatakitaki Cave is a stand-out attraction in itself, but several such adventures will tempt you on this island. Mangaia has many caves and a lake to explore on foot, whilst Mitiaro and Mauke each offer caves and tracks over inland makatea to unique attractions.

Meantime on Rarotonga there are many tracks to explore on your own, or with a guide. The most notable escorted trek is the cross-island walk with Pa’s Mountain Walk. This four hour trek with lunch provided is for those with fitness. You’ll learn about local medicine plants and native flora and fauna of the mountains from experienced guides. Bookings must be made in advance.

Those who want to trek without a guide need only pick up a copy of ‘Rarotonga’s Mountain Tracks and Plants’ from Bounty Bookshop. It’s a gem. Six easily followed tracks to various peaks are described along with illustrations of most plants you are likely to discover along the way.

Mountain stream on the Cross Island Trek
Anatakitaki Cave, Atiu
A guided tour in the Takitumu Conservation Area
Cross Island Trek with Pa