Easy Tours

Take it easy on an escorted tour with an experienced guide; perhaps an Island Orientation Tour or a Progressive Dinner appeals.

We can certainly recommend both of the above, especially the Progressive Dinner Tour with Cook Islands Tours, or the Plantation Dinner with Raro Tours. You will get to meet your island hosts in their own homes, learn about their family life, culture and the preparation of local dishes. The best part is feasting on delicious island-style food.

A nightlife tour for those who want to party the night away without the hassle of driving is a popular way to visit a variety of Rarotonga bars and nightclubs.

On Aitutaki and Atiu there are a number of tours to choose from. We recommend Punarei Culture Tours on Aitutaki for an interesting view of Cook Islands early history and the fun of cooking your own island food in an underground oven. On Atiu, Birdman George offers an interesting tour to spot the local endangered birdlife, followed by a relaxing lunch on a secluded beach.

A selection of Rarotonga tours includes Tik-etours ‘tuk-tuk’ tours, the Atiu Tumunu Experience who offer a cultural day-tour which includes lunch cooked in an umu (underground oven ), and Back Yard Shopping Tours to name a few.

You can, of course, self-drive to a number of interesting places that are open to visitors, such as Rito Cook Islands where coconut oil skin-care products are made. See more on our Places of Interest page.

Progressive Dinner Tour. First stop the garden
Punarei Cultural Tours, Aitutaki
Umu buffet
Coconut oil production at Rito Cook Islands