Game fishing in the Cook Islands is easy, accessible and relatively cheap when compared to a lot of other destinations.

Because the islands are volcanic and rise steeply from the sea, very deep water suitable for game fishing is very close. You can be fishing within a couple of minutes of leaving the dock. And, species such as tuna, wahoo, marlin and mahi mahi can be caught within a few hundred metres from the outer reef.

As well as game fishing, Aitutaki offers some real sport inside the lagoon where the elusive bonefish lurk in shallow waters. The kiokio, as they are named in Cook Island Maori, are one of the most challenging fish to catch on the planet and are highly sought after by anglers from around the globe due to their fighting ability.

So when you visit the Cook Islands, if you want some ‘reel’ excitement, contact one of our recommended charter boat operators to take a fishing trip on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, or one of the Aitutaki Lagoon bonefishing guides.

Be sure to read our fishing stories ‘Hooked on the Cook Islands’ and ‘Chasing the Elusive Bonefish’.

Recommended Charters & Guides

Marlin Queen Rarotonga (+682) 20683 (+682) 55202
Akura Charters - Rarotonga (+682) 54355
Black Pearl Charters - Aitutaki (+682) 31125 (+682) 52125
Wet ‘n Wild – Aitutaki (+682) 31651 (+682) 56558
Butch Leone (bonefish) - Aitutaki (+682) 31487
Itu Davey (bonefish) – Aitutaki (+682) 31686 (+682) 52077

Standing on the edge of the reef fishing is so much fun
Many people from around the world come to Bone Fish
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