Canoe & Kayak

Kayaking provides a fun way to get out onto the lagoon and view the islands from a different perspective.

Kayaks are available for complimentary use at most accommodation establishments that are located on, or near to, the beaches. Don’t worry if your accommodation is not near the water, as there are a number of aquatic hire places on Rarotonga and Aitutaki from which you can hire kayaks, SUP’s, snorkels etc.

Outrigger canoeing is one of the few traditional Polynesian sports that’s survived the test of time, plus it has strong cultural significance and roots in the Pacific islands. For both young and old, oe vaka attracts paddlers of all ages. There are three clubs that operate from the wharf at Trader Jacks and anyone interested in participating in this sport is made welcome; so wander down from 4.30pm.

Vaka Eiva is an exciting and fun outrigger canoeing festival, which is now the largest sporting event in the country. Promoting both competition and the culture of oe vaka it attracts hundreds of paddlers and their supporters who hit Rarotonga’s shores in November each year.

Oe Vaka single person outrigger
Kayaking couple on beach
Give it all you've got
Launching canoes at Trader Jacks